What cost justice … not allowed to tell you

Increasingly, the application of justice is wholly dependent on how much money you have.

The recent granting of gagging orders for ‘high profile’ individuals never report on the cost of those gagging orders but certainly only those with money are applying for them so there must be some cost; Lib Dem MP John Hemming claims that it’s the rich and famous who are usually granted gagging orders and that the cost of bringing legal action means the law only offers protection to the rich.

When applications are granted, the recipient becomes a ‘defendant’ and has no opportunity to state their case or defend their position – in the words of one such person, they have “been made a non-person” by the order and would have to commit thousands of pounds to defend their right to free speech.

So how is it that one persons rights can be trampled on by another person?  It can only be through the fact that money brings power.  When two people enter into an extra-marital affair, those already in a relationship are showing their disdain for their marriage and their partner in that marriage and must understand the repercussions should their partner find out about the affair.

Does this give them the right to use their position to protect their indiscretions at the expense of another persons freedom of speech?  In all honesty, wouldn’t we all want to keep our secrets to ourselves and prevent them being broadcast to the world, especially if we were already in the public eye and perhaps our career depended on keeping my secret?

Due to the courts involvement perhaps we will see more rich people entering into affairs more readily because they do not fear exposure, surely such a mind-set would make them ever more egotistical and contemptuous of their fellow man (or woman) because of the protection they feel money can buy them.

Should the courts be protecting the identity of such people?  In this corrupt nation of ours, anything goes – if you can pay for it.  Money is the new religion where those who have it, use it to stamp on the rights of others, the government support this stance because they behave this way all the time – every aspect of our lives is overshadowed by legislation that threatens to criminalise us if we “fail to comply”.

The courts have become tax collectors simply there to enforce the many methods of fining that have come into being through 4,289 new laws under Labour – that’s 33 new monthly ways to make you cough up some money to pay a fine … ka-ching!


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