Quangos: the real costs

Old Holborn – no, not the tobacco tin, but the hugely funny and poignant political blogger has provided some fascinating statistics that we’d like to repeat here.  You can read the full article here.

  • Quangos in UK: 1,162
  • Cost to taxpayer: £64billion
  • Cost per household: £2,550
  • No employed: 700,000 bureaucrats

When these figures are added to other government subsidiaries such as local authorities and NHS trusts, the figures come out as:

  • Organisations: 2,063
  • Cost to taxpayer: £257billion
  • No employed: 5.1 million bureaucrats

This means that 25% of the entire UK working population is employed by the government in one form or another.  That’s a lot of overhead for very little actual return and a huge public sector pensions bill that has to be paid from the public purse – no wonder we can’t make ends meet.


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