Ian Tomlinson – ‘unlawfully killed’

While it’s great that the jury has decided that Ian Tomlinson was unlawfully killed and that the matter wasn’t swept under the carpet – it gives a glimmer of hope that there are still strands of justice in this country.

We’re pleased for the family that they have this outcome and that they can put it all behind them now and move on and they must be eternally thankful to Christopher La Jaunie, the New York businessman who handed the footage he had taken to the police.

What concerns us is that it is reported that PC Simon Harwood COULD be prosecuted and not that he WILL be prosecuted.  Onerous as it is, Mr Harwood should face the consequences of his bully-boy tactics just like anyone else would – he has seriously let down the public that he is under oath to protect.  Anything other than a prosecution in this case will tell the world once and for all that the British judicial system is corrupt and not fit for purpose.

If a man can be prosecuted for shooting a persistent burglar who invaded his home and threatened his life, then the premeditated and deliberate act of Simon Harwood must elicit the same response.

Let Ian Tomlinson be the last victim of police brutality.


One thought on “Ian Tomlinson – ‘unlawfully killed’

  1. Yes I agree with you whole-heartedly Dio, and I feel that Harwood should be banged up for life, serving a sentence for MURDER! May this evil sod get his come-uppance, what goes around comes around. Let’s hope justice is swift!

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