Cameron’s insistence that Britain must stay vigilant after the death of Bin Laden is scaremongering

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water  ….. no, that’s the other shark isn’t it.

Apparently, we must be more vigilant than ever says David Cameron because there will be reprisals after the killing of Bin Laden which was, if you believe the hype, a “strike at the heart of international terrorism”.  Hogwash, we have more to fear from the lying, thieving bunch in Westminster than we have to fear from the spectre of terrorism.

Thanks to the legislation imposed on us – for our own good – we are a nation afraid to take a photograph of a public place lest we be accused of terrorism and dragged off to the cells.  The scaremonger government has succeeded where terrorism might have failed.  Where al-Qaida is supposedly responsible for undermining democracy, it is actually our own power-crazed government that carries that distinction.

Many of us more senior persons of this country have lived with the spectre of IRA bombings for years, we went about our business and no government saw fit to remove our liberties in order to protect our freedoms (no, we don’t get it either).  We went to work and did not give in to the constant threat of being attacked, we got on with it and survived and prospered; today, we are a nation of cowards, made too afraid to stand up for our liberties and what we know to be truth, justice and honest.

This is Common Purpose and the New World Order control that is dragging us all towards a totalitarian state with Nanny Britain and PC Britain deciding our every move and dictating how, where and when we should live our lives.

Don’t give in to fear mongers like David Cameron and the US President Obama – it is their sort that have caused this situation to occur as it has been the plan of governments to create a new global enemy as soon as the last brick was removed from the Berlin Wall and the cold war was over.



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