Yay, the terror threat is over and we can return to democracy

Apparently Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed in Pakistan – that means that the global terrorist threat is over and there is no need for the draconian legislation so it can all be repealed – yeah right.

Bin Laden won his war when he gave the UK government the excuse they needed to introduce Acts of Parliament that removed the fundamental rights of the people and put them under threat of imprisonment for any number of misdemeanour’s under the wide spread government net of suspicious activity – you know, things like taking photographs around London – one of the worlds favourite holiday destinations.

What concerns us is that this government has just given £650million to Pakistan because Cameron said they were ‘soft on terrorism’ and we now find that they are indeed soft on terrorism if Bin Laden was found on their soil or perhaps the money was to oil the wheels of cooperation – who can say for sure.

Common purpose and the new world order depend on the legislation introduced on the back of the so-called terrorist threat so there is no way there will ever be a situation again where it will be said that there is no threat of terror.

The control wielded by our government on the back of the spectre of terrorism is considerable and they will not give it up easily or lightly.

Since the cold war ended and the constant threat of nuclear war was put to bed, there had to be a new bogeyman to keep the people living in fear and compliant with government policies.

At lot people fall for this scaremongering, not because they are stupid but because they trust the authorities and believe them to be working for the common good – that’s the mistake they make.

Our government depend on the fear that they instil in the people, the fear that there is something that only they can protect us from and keep us safe from harm.  The problem is that there is a hefty price to pay for this ‘protection’ all they ask is for your complete and blind obedience.

Might one ask a final question?  Why was Bin Laden “buried at sea”?  We don’t quite see the logic of this and it smacks of the same sort of decision making that saw the debris and remains of the World Trade Centre shipped off to China within days of the collapse of the Twin Towers – is something being hidden?


3 thoughts on “Yay, the terror threat is over and we can return to democracy

  1. He’s now a Has Bin. They should have buried him at Ground Zero I think. Did you know the Irish Al Queda have planned a 999 attack? It’s going to happen on 9th September 2099.

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