Is democracy under house arrest, or has it been banished to the colonies completely

The Independent headline of Friday 29th April 2011 proclaims that “British police arrest pro-democracy demonstrators, before the demonstrations begin”.

Events such as the royal wedding are always good cover for releasing bad news and in the frenzy of the occasion no one noticed the attack on democracy in the provision of special powers granted for the day which allowed police to arrest and remove anyone suspected of being a pro-democracy activist.  As the paper says, this is the latest step towards the increasingly Orwellian police state we find ourselves living in.

Apparently in the preceding week, the police carried out raids up and down the country on social centres and houses citing ‘stolen goods’ as the reason for the raids while other pro-democracy activists have been arrested at their homes in “pre-emptive strikes” while so-called ‘fanatical’ Muslims Against Crusades threatened to demonstrate and police entered into “negotiations” with them.

Students were banned from entering the City of Westminster for five days without a trial or any sentencing carried out and without any crime having been committed.  One of the students charged with “violent disorder” was Alfie Meadows who sustained life threatening injuries which landed him in hospital with bleeding on the brain due to a blow on the head from a police baton.

The police tried to prevent 20-year old Alfie from receiving treatment at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital because it upset them that a protester should receive medical treatment at a hospital “set aside” for the police.  It was only on the insistence of ambulance crew that Alfie was allowed to be treated although he was taken to a resuscitation room out of sight – since when do policemen object to a youngster receiving medical care in order to save his life?

Is there such a great divide between the police and the public that they should be so vindictive and petty – what are our police men and women being told to remove their humanity and to instil such cruelty into their hearts?


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