Education needs an enema

Apparently head teachers are now saying what many parents have been saying for years – education of our young is suffering as a result of bean-counting, paper pushing bureaucracy which means the gathering of statistics takes precedence over actual education.

Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers said that and “over reliance on league tables risked causing unseen damage to the education system”.  Many of us would suggest that that point had already been reached and that the damage is far from unseen.

Education has always been seen as a chore to surly youngsters but most of the time all it took was to find the key to unlock their particular potential but there is a flame in all young people that can be fanned into a blaze if only the time were taken to find it and nurture it but that’s not what modern education is all about.

Statistics, statistics, statistics is all that matters where individual potential is being ignored for the almighty league tables.  Whole classes of less able students are being side-lined and ignored so that teaching efforts can be directed towards exam results that in turn secure the funding the school wants to maintain the power base.

Students are being drilled on passing exams and being denied any instruction, notes or direction while lesson after lesson is used as a means of instructing on what is required to pass the exam and ignoring any subject content or even any guise of teaching.

Young people need inspiration and guidance to achieve their potential which often is not academic in nature but more practical, this emphasis on academic league tables does many of our youngsters a disservice and does nothing to inspire a love of anything.


One thought on “Education needs an enema

  1. Too right!. Just the case when my daughter went to school and college. Colleges are every bit as bad, even for the more mature adult students! First of all the schools couldn’t be arsed to deal with her very mild learning disability which was bad enough. The teachers were donuts and would often sit her in a corner to draw pictures whilst teaching maths to the other

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