Voting disasters, is AV the answer?

We, the voters, have been under a misapprehension these many years it seems.  Where I certainly believed that voting was supposed to represent the voice of the people and that each person had one vote to be counted and the politician with the most votes (hopefully due to policies that people liked) won the race.

On this basis I assumed that when someone gets into power that I did not vote for, that they got the most votes and I just had to go with the democratic process and bite my tongue when they turned out to be a complete and utter nightmare.  The truth is that no matter who gets elected into No. 10, they will always fail to do the right thing for the people of this country and will fail to uphold democracy and the rights of the people.

What is AV?  Damned if I can really work it out to the point where I can say, yes or no.  The fact that a third choice can have less votes but still win is beyond me so I must be missing something.  The Guardian says that AV is a “golden opportunity to revive democracy” and when I read that headline I think about democracy being silly things like freedom of speech; freedom from oppression; the right to a fair trial; the right to justice and the right to innocence before guilt – you know the sort of thing that has been removed over the years and that make a mockery of the so-called democratic process.

Most of the damage was done by Blunkett and Straw and when Clegg (a bird of a different colour) announced his intentions under the “Your Freedoms” flag, there was a glimmer of hope that some of the damage would be undone and that we would gradually see a swing back to the heady days of protection from injustice.  When the reality of that false scheme hit home and we are left with a weak set of proposals that offer no reform and repeal nothing.

At the same time we see an increase in the abuse of the public purse with civil servants, fire chiefs, MPs and even the governing body responsible for auditing expenditure spending our money as if it were their own while the government tells us we must cut back and save money and they target every sector of the population in an attempt to claw back money they then give away (£500million from our schools, £650million to Pakistan education for example).

The Telegraph tells another story and broadcasts Cameron’s concerns about Labour gains and why the current system is better for democracy – clearly then, the whole issue is a political one and has nothing whatsoever to do with democracy.  It is only at times when the various parties may lose something they want to hang onto that they call upon the people to support them – where are these parties when the people are in need and they raise their voices only to be ignored or even criminalised for speaking out?  Our policemen are now policymen, protecting policy and politicians rather than protecting the people and in many instances running from the scene of violence and criminal activity but quick to turn their attention where a quick buck can be made for the state.

So we’ve had an unelected Prime Minister (Gormless Clown) who crept into power with his Marxist agenda on the coat tails of the equally unsavoury Tony B Liar – the man who now owns wealth far in excess of what he has earned and no one is asking where that money has come from.  We have the Lord of Darkness Mandy, many times resigned for his wrong-doing’s as a peer in the House of Lords and we have a hoard of corrupt and self-serving MPs scrabbling to woo the voters to turn things in their favour under the guise of democracy – it’s quite laughable really.

None of the damage done to democracy during the Labour government has been repaired and people are looking more and more to common law, the protection of the Magna Carta treaty and Lawful Rebellion in an attempt to exert their place while the politicians continue their fight to hold onto their gravy train and access to the rich resources of the public purse.

Is AV the answer?  Does it matter if third past the post wins or first past the post?  In reality, it does not matter at all because we’ll have the same politicians looking for the same gains and no matter what colour they are, they are all birds of the same feather.

Here’s what the various parties think:

  • Conservative – NO
  • Liberal Democrats – YES
  • Labour – YES
  • Scottish National Party – YES
  • Plaid Cymru – YES
  • Democratic Unionists (Ireland) – YES
  • Social Democratic and Labour Party (Ireland) – YES
  • The Green Party of England and Wales – YES
  • The Green Party of Scotland – YES
  • UK Independence Party – YES
  • British Nationalist Party – NO
  • English Democrats – YES
  • Christian Peoples Alliance – YES
  • Respect – YES
  • Jury Team – NO
  • Communist Party – WHO CARES

Some of the parties support the “single transferable vote” system which isn’t even being discussed.  There are surprising rebels in the ranks of Labour with Blunkett, Prescott and Beckett against AV which makes me inclined to vote yes because if these hateful figures don’t like it, I do.  Being old hands at politics, they surely know that AV is a threat to the main parties and that they would never have been elected under AV – for that reason alone, I’d support it.

Cameron is baulking at the cost of AV with the referendum costing £90million to stage and an extra £156million to switch to AV – with the Census costing £500million for something that is unnecessary and that nobody wants it is crass of him to count the cost of giving the people a voice in something that is important.

One question remains however.  This referendum has been implemented quickly and efficiently because it impacts on the main parties who have a vested self-interest in the voting process at the party level and at the individual level.  The question is, why has the promised referendum on Europe not been delivered as quickly and efficiently to the people who have been demanding the promise be fulfilled – the answer is, of course, the same – the vested self-interest of the politicians and their parties.


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