NHS fat cats revealed – got cream?

It’s not that we begrudge those who earn their wage being entitled to their money but when we look at the incompetence that is rife in all walks of government life, we are left wondering how it is they earn this sort of money when they don’t deserve it – especially when the country has its financial back to the wall and core services are being cut.

The highest earners in the NHS have been revealed as follows:

David Bennett / £282,500 / Interim Chief exec of Monitor
Neil Lloyd  / £282,500 / Chief exec, NHS Professionals
Ruth Carnall / £277,500 / Chief exec, London Strategic Health Authority
Sir Ron  / £274,500 / Chief exec, Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sir Robert Naylor / £262,500 / Chief exec, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Peter Morris / £262,000 / Chief exec, Barts and The London trust
Clare Chapman / £252,500 / Director general of workforce, Department of Health
Sir Andrew Cash / £243,100 / Chief exec, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust
Dr Mark Goldman / £242,500 / Chief exec, Heart of England Foundation Trust until July 2010
David Dalton / £232,600 / Chief exec, Salford Royal NHS Foundation trust
Sir Neil Mckay / £232,500 / Chief exec, East of England
Sir Leonard Fenwick / £232,500 / Chief exec, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust
Dame Barbara Hakin / £227,500 / Chief exec, East Midlands strategic health authority
Tim Smart / £227,500 / Chief exec, Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust
Ken Bremner / £225,000 / Chief exec, City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust
Alan Foster / £223,400 / Chief exec, North Tees and Hartlepool foundation trust
Maggie Boyle / £222,500 / Chief exec, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals trust
Robert Dolan / £220,000 / Chief exec, East London Foundation Trust
Dr Gareth Goodier / £217,500 / Chief exec, Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation trust
Prof Ann Sheen / £217,500 / Chief exec, Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust (until March 2010)
Cally Palmer / £217,500 / Chief exec, Royal Marsden Foundation trust
Sir Ian Carruthers / £217,500 / Chief exec, South West Strategic Health Authority
Malcolm Stamp / £217,500 / Chief exec, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
Dr Frank Harsent / £213,800 / Chief exec, Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust
Mike Deegan / £212,500 / Chief exec, Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation trust
Paul Baumann / £212,500 / Director of finance, London strategic health authority
Justin McCracken / £212,500 / Chief exec, Health Protection Agency
Julie Moore / £212,500 / Chief exec University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust
Sir David Nicholson / £212,500 / NHS Chief exec
Malcolm Lowe-Lauri / £212,500 / Chief exec, University Hospitals of Leicester trust
Jim Mackey / £212,700 / Chief exec, Northumbria Healthcare Foundation trust
Mike Cooke / £210,600 / Chief exec, Nottinghamshire healthcare trust
Caroline Shaw / £207,500 / Chief exec, Christie Foundation trust
Prof Sir Liam Donaldson / £207,500 / Chief Medical Officer for England until May 2010
Dr Peter Lees / £207,500 / Medical Director and Director of Leadership, NHS South Central
Simon Pleydell / £205,000 / Chief exec, South Tees Hospitals Foundation trust
Anthony Marsh / £203,150 / Chief exec, West midlands ambulance trust
Cynthia Bower / £203,500 / Chief exec, Care Quality Commission
Stephen Eames / £202,700 / Chief exec, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Christine Connolly / £202,500 / Chief information officer for health, Department of Health
Mike Farrar / £202,500 / Chief exec, NHS North West Strategic Health Authority
Rob Clarke / £202,500 / Finance director, NHS Professionals
Glenn Douglas / £200,200 / Chief exec, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells trust
Nick Moberly / £200,000 / Chief exec Royal Surrey County Hospital Foundation trust
Mark Hackett / £200,000 / Chief exec, Southampton University Hospitals trust
Dr Patrick Geoghegan / £200,000 / South Essex Partnership University Foundation trust

That’s a collective salary for these 46 high earners of more than £10.2million each and every year and when you consider that the NHS is up to its neck in financial problems you have to wonder what is going on here – these people are obviously not doing their job so why are they allowed to collect their considerable salaries?


Never mind about “got milk” – Got Cream anyone?


3 thoughts on “NHS fat cats revealed – got cream?

  1. David Dalton should have been sacked in 2002 when he was found to have lied and covered up things. Instead he has been allowed to continue, issuing a meaningless apology and continuing his corruption (I should know, I am a patient). He is lying if he says no patient has had to wait over 18 months for treatment either, try over a decade! This man is a liar and needs to go ASAP. He does not investigate complaints, he lies on behalf of his staff so failures are not coorected, they are simply covered up.

  2. Professor Lian Donaldsin velvet glves
    iron fists laughing all the way to
    the bank.savoy mentalhealth the
    coalutuon gave funds,staln regime
    yorkshire kill the sick.obamadrug pharmagedden
    jeremy hunt knows unlaqfully sectioning
    drugging.protected bypoluce and magistrates.francis inquiry a farce
    no scapegoats.to conceal missing nhs
    millions dr davud geddes headprimary
    care is responsible.obeys no law.killing
    im denied insulin
    not treating.dr jackie davies books say it

  3. im half blind diabeticretinopathy cataracts.ive got my crime no
    york trust misrepirtung xrays
    witholdung treatment.cumbria police
    repirted to ftphcpc who ignored.

    coverups continue until the problem people are removed.Professor liam
    donaldson likes yorkshire and the
    government where he can show
    cintempt for the law.

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