Yep, it’s official, they’re a bunch of whiners.

The recent ‘dear’ slur against poor, fragile Angela Eagle in the Commons just goes to show how duplicitous they all are.  Ms Eagle is up for a good shout and argument when it suits her then backs off in a huff over this latest nonsensical reprimand.  Cameron is a twit for making the comment so publicly when he knows the implications and that the Liebore lot will jump on him like a pack of Hyenas.

It only goes to show how the Parliamentary process has descended into complete and utter childishness and highlights the fact that all the MPs are there for the argument and not for any resolutions – what a complete and utter waste of space they all are.

At least we have a few politicians who are now at the sharp end of the political correctness gone mad in this country but we really wish they’d get on with the job and stop whining.  If any politician could be as coherent and focused on their jobs as they are on the little games they play to amuse themselves at our expense then the country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.

Calm down dears – your expenses are still safe … for now.


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