There’s nothing like the satisfaction of money well spent – and our police are a good example of money not well spent

Apparently, it takes three plastic police to ‘bond’ with a bored teenager and they get in touch with his age-group through text messages via their mobile phones – the only problem is that the teen doesn’t have a mobile on him and is sitting on his hands.

While the country is going to hell in a hand-basket and crime is going unsolved and unchecked and while police forces are under pressure to save money and use that as an excuse for not getting to grips with real crime, Hertfordshire police feel it is an appropriate use of resources to have three plastic police sitting by the riverside to supervise the youngster.

A spokesman for the police said that the police staff are youth and schools PCSOs and that they were part of an organised local scheme which ‘gets young people involved in positive activities’.  Quite clearly, neither the youngster nor the police officers are involved much in any activity and it is not clear what they expect the youngster to gain from the fishing trip – he appears to be getting the same indifferent treatment on the riverbank that he probably gets at home and which has made him a tearaway in the first place.

When it comes to sloping away from their duties to visit a brothel in Soho, other plastic police are happy to abandon their posts for some down time.  Being only five doors down from a Met community safety office they were caught out by a passing sergeant who spotted them and were suspicious of their motives.  The four plastics were dismissed for bringing the force into disrepute – no, really!

Apparently figures released last year show that one in seven Blunkett Bobbies has been investigated for misconduct; with 160 charged with criminal offences, so clearly another stupid idea from a stupid politician needs to be reviewed, revised and scrapped.

And let’s not forget the Blunkett was yet another Minister who got caught in his wrong doing yet never suffered any consequences.  He was a former DWP Minister and Home Secretary and was instrumental in the despotism that runs through every aspect of our lives today.

What we need to fight crime is real police on the beat not this surplus of so-called civilian officers who have no power other than to give local children something to laugh at.

Mind you, even the real police need to get their priorities sorted out when they wade in heavy handedly to confiscate shotguns from a woman who reported threats against her life by Travellers wielding chainsaws and felling her trees for firewood.  Apparently she had inflamed the situation because she had dared to argue with them to remove them from her property and although her shotguns were licensed and legally owned and had remained locked away the entire time, the police felt it necessary to barge and and remove them, even threatening to rip the cabinet from the wall.

Although she was verbally threatened and had rocks and fence posts thrown at her; her life had been threatened with offers to slit her throat and the throats of her cattle but she was the antagonist according to the police.  They did their usual ‘visit’ but could not find the teenager involved but sent armed officers to confiscate the shotguns – talk about disproportionate and inappropriate behaviour – mind you, this is Essex police we’re talking about and they operate best when stopping plumbers at roadblocks to check for illicit smoking.

Well, we certainly feel safer in our beds for the excellent performance of this police force – well done lads (and lasses),


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