Racial discrimination raises its ugly head at the Met

When a WPC takes 848 days off sick supposedly due to the effects of racial abuse from fellow officers, the Metropolitan Police did not take the normal actions one might expect because the WPC was Asian and they did not want to get embroiled in a ‘race row’.

The whole issue of racism has been turned on its head when an officer of one nationality will avoid reprimand because of the colour of their skin.  If the WPC had just cause to raise a complaint then she should have done so but perhaps she did not feel that it would be taken as seriously as it should and perhaps she is right because certainly the Met seem to have mixed views on what constitutes racial harmony.

If a white officer took time off because of racial abuse they would be laughed out of the room, but racism against Whites is becoming more commonplace through “institutional discrimination” that runs rampant through all parts of government, local councils, government departments and any organisation that is supposed to set the standards on the subject.

Ms Parehk resigned when she found out that her bosses were going to discipline her, she obviously did not feel that she could substantiate her claims of racial abuse else she would have done so.  No one can know what happened but those involved but certainly this matter does raise the issue of discrimination against Whites that is becoming more commonplace all the time.


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