PC Harwood lies about Ian Tomlinson’s death and government collusion is ignored

The coroner at the inquest of Ian Tomlinson is telling the jury that it would “have to be sure police officer’s actions had been intentional and dangerous”.  Anyone who has viewed the video footage can conclude only one thing – that PC Simon Harwood did what he did deliberately and with intent to harm Mr Tomlinson.

It could be argued that he did not intend to cause death to Ian Tomlinson but does that really excuse what he did and the way he did it.  He lied to cover up the result of his actions by telling the inquest that he hit and shoved Mr Tomlinson because he was “being defiant” and was “encroaching” on a police line – clearly neither of these statements were true and he changed his false claims when confronted with the footage the whole world has seen.  It’s akin to the increase in nonsensical charges such as “arresting someone for resisting arrest” – think about it!

Death at the G20 Protest Picture with an excellent article here:
[The Bad] PC Simon Harwood  and indifferent colleagues;
[The Good] Ian Tomilinson and helping bystander;
[The Ugly] Paul Stephenson (MPS), Keir Starmer (CPS), Nick Hardwick (IPCC) and Freddy Patel (GMC)

There is no doubt in the mind of any right-thinking person that the force used by PC Harwood was unreasonable, excessive and illegal.  It doesn’t matter what particular part of what particular action was the root cause of Mr Tomlinson’s death – the man is dead and at the hands of a bully-boy policeman who turned into a policyman caring more for the political nature of the event than for the rights and liberties of the individuals.  The indifference shown by the other police officers is of great concern; the propaganda that all people are criminals has worked on these drones who have lost all traces of humanity that should provide the barrier required to ensure they see people as human beings and not as objects of contempt.

The Home Office pathologist, Freddy Patel who tried to support the position of the police in making false claims over the death of Mr Tomlinson points to corruption and collusion within the system that tries to dictate that politicians are more important than the people of this country – everything they do points to this; the government is duplicitous, conspiratorial and have nothing by Common Purpose firmly in their minds.

PC Simon Harwood killed Mr Ian Tomlinson – it’s a fact that can’t be denied; the intent is irrelevant but clearly Mr Tomlinson offered no threat to Simon Harwood that should have caused him to act the way he did; by donning the riot gear and under the auspices of political authority, he felt protected and untouchable and behaved accordingly – his actions were no different to a football hooligan causing unnecessary harm to others at a football match, egged on and overwhelmed by the situation.

One thing is clear –  we cannot stand by while the government and its agencies grant themselves more and more power over us which leads to an attempt to cover up the actions of the police at the expense of the life of even one individual.

Just as the government and local councils want to make examples of any person who fails to comply with their diktats, PC Harwood has to be convicted in order to send a message back to the police that their oath is to protect the public and not to protect policy and that there still exists a line over which they should not and cannot cross.


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