Institutional discrimination – what is it?

What is ‘institutional discrimination’?

There are many forms of discrimination, be it against race, disability, colour, creed, sect, gender or sexual orientation.  Perhaps the worst type of discrimination that has been allowed to creep into every aspect of an organisation.

The government would have us believe that they are the goody-two-shoes of discrimination and that they provide the yardstick by which the rest of us will be judged in how we deal with our neighbours and fellow human beings.  Yet, it is the government that is guilty of this worst kind of discrimination – it permeates everything they think, feel or do and they don’t realise they are doing it.

The DWP’s job centres are supposed to be open equally to all, giving everyone the same opportunity to access work to improve their lives; why then when it comes to clearing snow from the entrance to the Bromley job centre do they feel it is appropriate to only clear the steps and leave the wheelchair ramp completely buried?

Iain Duncan Smith tells the unemployed that they should “get on the bus” to find work and that’s all well and good, but they should practice what they preach and not display their absolute and complete discrimination at every opportunity.

Jobcentreplus around the country like to encourage local employers to give everyone a fair chance by signing up to the “Positive About Disabled” people initiative and like all government policies, they like to dictate to everyone else but fail miserably when it comes to doing the right thing themselves.

Employers are required by the DWP to have in place the right ethos to give disabled people an equal chance in the workplace but the scheme is lackadaisical and meaningless in real terms as there are no checks so discrimination is not tackled but rather swept under the rug.

Make no mistake, institutional discrimination is rife throughout the country and the worst culprits are those supposedly setting the standards.


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