DWP – fat equals lazy – divisive and demeaning

Our guardian saviours, the DWP, have released yet more figures in an attempt to garner public support for their witch hunt against the most needy in society.  Official figures show over 81,000 people to be incapacity benefit because they are “too fat to work”.

We’ve operated as advocates for people who have barriers in getting back to work due to reasons such as disability which means that we’re familiar with all sorts of DWP schemes and forms and rest assured that none of them have any boxes which ask the applicant to state their weight.  Many people gain weight due to a number of medical conditions or as a result of a loss of mobility – to suggest that anyone is “too fat to work” is simply an attempt by the DWP to foster the idea that fat equals lazy.

The DWP is only creative when it comes to denying people any assistance; when they are asked to provide information on getting back to work they consistently fail to deliver.  This is the latest attempt to divide the population and we’ll see how long it takes before overweight people are attacked in the streets.

Ministers love this sort of statistic as it justifies claims that they are doing a good job is tackling this ‘abuse’ of the public purse which distracts from their own abuse.  We’re already mentioned Chris Graylings fraudulent expense claims in a previous post but these attempts to demonise people in order to justify their aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.

These “medical” tests are carried out by a firm called ATOS which is a foreign IT consultancy; their assessors have no medical training and they have but one brief – to remove as many people from the benefits system as possible; they are paid a premium of £1,500 for each one they remove.  There is nothing medical about the assessment and even DWP who were sacked because they were considered too ill to continue in their job were later classed as “able to work” by these non-trained, financially motivated assessors.

When is the Minister for Employment going to turn his attention to the creation of jobs so that people can be gainfully employed?  Instead, he sits back while Iain Duncan Smith’s department systematically drops people from the books and does nothing to assist them past that point; is there some black hole that swallows up these non-working, non-benefits claimants?

These ‘new’ figures are the same as those cranked out last week which reported on 81,000 having drug, drink or weight related problems affecting their ability to work.  We’re led to believe that these are new figures highlighting new problems when it’s the same figures regurgitated over and over again as propaganda to support the witch hunt.


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