Councils want whistles blown

Bromley and Greenwich councils are on the benefits fraud bandwagon and distributing leaflets proposing that the general public should “help your councils to protect your public funds” – do us a favour.

With the high level of corruption running through all local councils who see the public purse as their own bottomless resource to be dipped into for all sorts of luxury and unnecessary items – at YOUR expense, it is laughable that they feel justified in eliciting help from those from whom they steal on a daily basis.

When councils get back to basics and remember that we are their bosses and that they must answer to us for their actions and fraudulent behaviour maybe, just maybe we’ll consider being a little more cooperative but to take money from those in need so they can line their own pockets doesn’t cut it.

Councils working in partnership to ‘stamp out fraud’ should look closely at their own activities before pointing the finger at those on benefits – Bromley are known to have an extensive department dealing with fraud and ‘customer service’ all of whom are paid through the nose to do a job of work and, quite frankly, could not organise a bun-fight in a bakery, consistently getting things wrong, while those who cannot find work are being demonised – with so much money being spent, let them do the job if they think they have cause to investigate because sure as God made little green apples, these councils are stealing more from the public purse than any benefits fraudster.

Always looking elsewhere to point the finger – councils are happy to spend money from the public purse with moral abandon, lavishing hundreds of thousands of pounds on themselves at our expense.


One thought on “Councils want whistles blown

  1. Yes I’m inclined to agree with you. Although it has to be said that money goes to the wrong sorts, when there’s others truly in need who wrongfully get turned down! I know of one bitch who’s had her mortgage paid up for her by her parents when she was in her 40’s, and her husband’s left his job due to depression. She hasn’t worked for about 20 yrs, no kids and she’s had various continuing college courses funded all the time by Bexley and Greenwich Councils – courtesy of. Yet she gets free holidays, (never goes without a thing obviously as she’s so huge). And she’s getting disability money and isn’t ill at all! Yet she takes on French students and gets their income from her 3-bedroom house and doesn’t declare it! Yet when my husband was out of work recovering from an operation and we fell a month behind, could WE get any help? Could we buggery!!!
    Also I know of a bitter, twisted old bat who lives just around the corner, qualifies for everything on the grounds of age, the Staying Put people want to give her whole house a makeover, as she’s let it become run-down and delapidated after she won the right to live there after her divorce. She won’t let them in and is abusive to all who try to help her including her neighbours whom she’s making life hell for!! She plays on her mental health problems, yet is very crafty and manipulating! Can we qualify for any such help, (even though we plainly are in need), NO we can’t! I tell you, help goes to all the wrong people which doesn’t help our cause at all and is plainly an embarrassment!

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