Police can’t join the dots

While a boy of 15 who was nearly stamped to death by a gang of thugs is too scared to go home, the Metropolitan Police say they are “aware of other incidents in relation to this family” and they are “investigating whether or not they are connected” to the attack on Denzil Dacosta.

Even though the police have been called four times in the past two months when Denzil’s 16 year old cousin Anderson was mugged and then the windows of their home were smashed apparently the Met is unable to join the dots and point the finger in the right direction.

Denzil’s mother Judith who is originally from Rwanda is so fearful for the safety of her family that she is desperate to move and says that her son can’t come home because “he is too scare of what might happen”.

The family live near the notorious Mozart Estate in London – dubbed “crack city” – where in 2008 a huge brawl of some 60 youths (some as young as 10) sparked fears of a crime wave and Karen Buck MP warned police that something needed to be done ‘before someone is killed’.

Clearly Ms Buck’s warning fell on deaf ears which almost resulted in the death of 15 year old Denzil.  While Ms Buck claimed that the estate is not a ghetto and is not like Los Angeles but rather full of youthful bravado and wannabes who apparently preyed on victims in blind alleys and walkways that were a haven for muggers and dealers, the police admit that they struggle to contain youth disorder.

Not surprisingly call-out figures to the estate were not available and the apparent answer is to promote information sharing between police, youth workers and the local community to sniff out problems.  Perhaps they can get together with the council to set up road blocks to “sniff out” youths and solicit on-the-spot fines.

It seems that when it comes to motoring offences or plumbers smoking in a company van, the police have all the answers but when it comes down to it, they can’t join the dots on a very simple picture of crime out of control.


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