Remote justice – that’s a new one

High Court judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn is to conduct court hearings by telephone while on holiday 1,800 miles away in Tenerife.  Either he is very dedicated or justice is now so lax that judges don’t even need to attend a courtroom in order to adjudicate on cases.

Mostyn who earns £172,000 a year hears traumatic child care and contentious divorces cases and it is gratifying to see that he takes the traumas in other people’s lives so seriously.  To top things off, he is on holiday with his new partner, Elizabeth Saunders who is also a barrister and whose husband was shot dead by police.

Why isn’t this judge just taking a holiday – presumably the need to undergo this flamboyant theatre is designed to massage his ego to show just how important he is.  This is akin to those taking a laptop to and from the office each day to “work from home” but never making use of it; why pretend?

Quite clearly, in the wake of many concerns about the judicial system as a whole and with the scrutiny under which judges are being put due to the number of celebrity gagging orders being granted, not to mention their proclivity to hear cases in private and so deny access to proper justice; this man should be taking his position more seriously.

Soon, we’ll have justice being dispensed by Robo-Judge.


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