Man blinded by thugs abandoned by police in street


Kent Police are apparently unable to identify two police officers who arrived at the scene of a brutal assault that left Peter Cox blind in one eye – allegedly, they drove off saying “it isn’t our shout”.  Paramedics who were on the scene treating Mr Cox must have themselves seen the officers pull up and then drive swiftly off.

If it was Essex police, then they could be forgiven for racing off to the nearest roadblock to catch people smoking in company vehicles, which is a far more serious crime than that perpetrated against Mr Cox.

After 18 months spent investigating, Kent police claim they cannot identify the officers who drove off although it is said that there were only three cars in the area that night.  There were no tracking devices in the cars and they claim that the officers were from a different force although lessons have been learned from this ‘isolated incident’ – presumably, police officers will be taught to more readily identify a situation that “isn’t their shout” and drive off more quickly so they cannot be spotted at all.


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