HMRC bully boys are at it again

Britain is in debt because it has given a trillion or so taxpayer pounds to the bankers; allowing them to pay themselves extraordinary bonuses while still owing us money; then allowing councils, councillors and fire chiefs to spend money over and above what could be considered realistic; our MPs on the take and lavishing themselves with even more in the way of expenses, then enacting legislation to prevent us hiding our money but exempting themselves; then cutting the education budget of our children and giving the money to Pakistan to educate their children – how are we going to pay for all this expenditure?

Apparently, it’s quite simple.  The powers that be are chasing the likes of Richard Tanner who is 85 years old and owes the tax payer money only because he has asked a question about the amount he has been asked to pay.  The HMRC has demanded amounts from him ranging from £1,059 to £4,629 and Mr Tanner is only waiting for an answer to his query and is quite prepared to pay what he actually owes.

Instead of answering his question, the tax man has sent him a letter which threatens to send in thugs to snatch things from his home to sell at auction for a penny in the pound.  The threatening and unnecessarily harsh letters have caused this 85 year old former design engineer who was awarded an MBE for his working on refuelling aircraft during the Falklands War to lose sleep with worry and concern.

Mark Warburton, director of thieving accountancy firm Grant Thornton and obviously working with these government bully boys blames the powers given to the HMRC by the last government but the company is well known for its collusion with government agencies in order to pervert the course of justice and well as theft in the name of ‘legislation’ so any validation they give should be taken in that light.

Whatever legislation has been put into place to aid these thugs is questionable under Human Rights and Common Law rights that the previous and present governments think they can ignore.  Lawful Rebellion is exactly what this country needs to wake up and smell the stench of corruption.


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