Chancellor Osborne uses privileges to overrule spending cuts that might affect his kids

The Chancellor, George Osborne has had to make some very difficult decisions of late; most of them were easy to make because they had no real impact on him.  For all the austerity measures imposed on the rest of the country, MPs like Osborne don’t feel the pinch because they just claim more expenses to cover their overheads while collecting their wages and mostly having the income from second or even third jobs.

If legislation is enacted which stops people from hiding money abroad, MPs simply enter a clause which makes them exempt and everything is hunky-dory for them.

Osborne’s duplicity came to the fore when he stepped in and overruled council spending cuts using his Cabinet authority to save an Easter parade in which his children were to take part.  While it’s wonderful that a father would do what he can to make his children happy, how about he and his cronies take the money from their own pockets to make the event happen.

It seems that austerity is only for the unwashed masses and not for those in power.


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