Abuse of human rights could kill off all rights

Criminals who use the human rights legislation as a scapegoat are putting the entire concept at risk.  This government will seize any opportunity to remove protective legislation as quickly as possible thus leaving us vulnerable and exposed to abuse.

The Sunday Telegraph campaign to stop foreign criminals from claiming the right to a “family life” in order to avoid deportation is excellent news for justice but they should not allow the government to hijack the situation and use it as an excuse to ignore human rights.

It is right that up to 200 foreign offenders who successfully avoided being sent home should have been prevented from doing so but it it not right for Lord Carlile, a LibDem peer, to claim that the public are at risk – this is too broad a statement that can lead to broad changes which affect us all in the long term.

A report by Dominic Raab, a Tory MP who said that “unelected and inexperienced European judges risk triggering a constitutional crisis by attacking the will of politicians” seems to be blissfully unaware that there is already a ‘constitutional crisis’ and that it is NOT the “will of politicians” that is of any importance but rather the will of the people.

What little constitution we have is all that protects us from the will of politicians who have no greater agenda than to criminalise use, remove our right to justice, remove our right to a fair trial, any presumption of innocence under law and more importantly, the treaty that is the Magna Carta which is the cornerstone of common law in this country and still very much in effect although the government and our politicians would have us believe otherwise.

When Nick Clegg was approached with regard to his “Your Freedoms” campaign; he has totally ignored all the factors highlight by Lord Carlile in his role of ‘independent reviewer of anti-terror laws’ because Clegg failed to address any of the many concerns that things like the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 have allowed to happen.

Where it is claimed that ‘recent judgements’ have been at odds with ‘common sense and public opinion’ they speak with forked-tongue because many of the laws introduced by Labour and now upheld by the ConDem hybrid fly in the face of common sense and public opinion yet they take no notice of the concerns of the people.

If anyone with a criminal past comes to this country with criminal intent then they should not necessarily be protected by human rights legislation that is not there to protect their actions, but this devious government cannot be allowed to remove our rights in blanket fashion under the guise of ‘common sense’ and ‘public opinion’ that simply does not exist in the way they claim.

Unfortunately because of successive corrupt and self interested governments, the powers that be have not just crept over our rights but have driven a steamroller straight through them.  Sadly, this lack of democracy and denial of attention to justice and basic human rights now threatens the last bastion of true justice and protection for the common man – we all need to get together and declare “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this any more” – Beale, from the movie Network.


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