EU want another £682million of our money

With no sight of the promised referendum on the whole EU situation and with the revelations of the expenses of the EU ministers still ringing in our ears the country is very much divided and concerned about the cost of the EU and what benefits we get for that money.

Now the EU are demanding (do you like that word) a further £682million from us which would bring our contribution to more than £10billion – that’s about £400 for each and every household.

We have a government that is snatching every penny back from the most vulnerable but allowing extraordinary bonuses for those who don’t need the money; our MPs are fleecing the taxpayer of everything they can and the government and councils are creating laws that criminalise every move we make and demanding penalty payments left, right and centre while at the same time reducing the services they provide for the council tax they charge.  And Cameron is giving £650million to Pakistan’s education system while reducing the budget of our own.

Our backs are against the wall – there is no money in the coffers; we’re being turning into a bunch of uneducated, unquestioning drones being used to generate revenue for the ‘system’ while all social interactivity is being discouraged (divided we fall); we’re being made into criminals for everything we do and now for everything we don’t do and we’re being forced to pay bills that aren’t ours; Parliament passes laws to prevent you hiding money abroad while blatantly writing into those laws that MPs are exempt.

Are any eyes opening to what is happening here?  Can we really allow this nonsense to go on any longer?  Lawful Rebellion is gaining momentum and it won’t be long before it will become a ‘political’ force in its own right which will then challenge the corruption, fraud and duplicity  which has become inherent in the current system.

Our own children could benefit from this £10billion wasted with the EU, our elderly could survive cold winters, our disabled could be properly supported and many, many real jobs could be generated – think about it!


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