Now they want to creep into our cars

Not content with invading our driveways to extract more cash from our pockets via the DVLA, now they feel it’s their right to stick their noses into our cars, literally.

Essex police and the Tendring District Council (presumably on the back of smoking plumbers) have set up road blocks to stop work vehicles and have a beak-nosed “enforcer” stick their snoot into the vehicle to detect signs of illicit smoking.  Perpetrators of such heinous crimes will be relieved of £50 on-the-spot or face a criminal record by being dragged into court and fined £200 (as if the courts aren’t busy enough these days).

This is a prime example of councils and council chiefs gone mad with power and while our pensioners are attacked on their own doorstep by a hammer wielding conman and hooded gangs of hooligans and vile thugs throw bricks through people’s windows showering Jersey-Lou (pictured), a 4-year old child, with broken glass and leaving her unconscious and bloodied – because someone has dared to say “NO” to them.

Police and councils around the country are all acting in this way – focussing on smoking motorists who will offer no resistance because fundamentally they are law abiding citizens who have become addicted to nicotine over many years during which successive governments have allowed smoking to be advertised and even glamourised because it generated tax revenue for the coffers.

While councils are diverting the attention of the police force to become a political force while real victims like young Jersey-Lou are ignored because there are no police on the beat and PC Britain insists that we must understand the needs of those committing violence against their neighbours; they can’t be chastised because Nanny Britain will stomp her feet and tell us that smacking a child is akin to violence.

When will real boundaries be acknowledged so that parents can chastise their kids to prevent them growing up to commit violent acts against others; when will the government and councils allow the police to do their job?

  • Do we smoke? No!
  • Do we like the smell of smoke? No!
  • Do we like people smoking around us? No!
  • Are we hysterical about smoking? No!
  • Do we believe that smoking should be criminalised? No!

We all know that smoking is unhealthy and should be avoided but is it really something that governments, councils and the police should be involved with?  Is it really necessary that laws should be passed to drag people into court?  Should real and present dangers be ignored because it is easier for the police to follow a political agenda than to protect the public as is their duty?

Take a look again at the 4-year old above and acknowledge that crimes like this need the attention of our police and not the dictates of some over paid, egocentric local council official trying to make a name for themselves by jumping onto the latest politically motivated bandwagon.


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