Headless chicken syndrome of the nanny state

Mad Nanny Britain has decided that the M1 fire is the result of some random dog-end thrown into the Apex scrapyard below the motorway is responsible for closing down the M1 and causing chaos for the thousands of families who will now face travel chaos over Easter – as reported in The Mail.

Having travelled by train for more years than I care to remember, passing over viaducts on my way to London Bridge, looking down on businesses that have been there since the year dot.  Piled high with what looks like a load of old rubbish; cars in various states of disrepair, being broken down for spare parts, grease and oil everywhere; piles of paper and rags being sorted and recycled.

All this during the years when trains had real windows that opened and dragging reluctant commuters to their places of work – many of them smoking their heads off and probably disposing of their cigarette ends through the wide open windows and many of them, no doubt, finding their way onto the various piles below – I can’t recall in all those years one instance where a fire has been started in this way.  Why is it then with the alarmist nanny state gone mad with it’s ‘elf n safety; legislation for everything you can think of, that only during this propagandist nonsense do they blame a cigarette – because it allows them to bring more legislation to bear on an already burdened country, that’s why!

The report brings to light the incompetence of the Highways Agency is doing their usual jobs-worth style of maintenance and repair.  They should be embarrassed by the fact that following substantial damage by the earthquake to the Joban Expressway in Japan, the folks from East Nippon Expressway Company immediately started repairs and had the motorway completely restored and open for business in just six days.

While Nanny Britain convenes yet another committee to discuss whether “combustibles should be allowed under motorways”, the Japanese got on with it and got the job done – even in the face of thousands dead, tsunami and earthquake threats and a possible nuclear meltdown.  No doubt our own Highways Agency will be crying over one excuse or another and declaring how very unfair we all are to expect them to do their job quickly and efficiently.

These comparative photographs (borrowed from The Mail) show what can be accomplished in six-days when you’re not running around like a headless chicken squawking out excuses and bleating about how difficult life is – when it’s time to show your mettle, this government and it’s agencies are a bunch of whiners.

(c)The Mail


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