Slowly … slowly … they are creeping into our homes

What a liberty!

Not content with making criminals of us outside of our homes, the DVLA are now being given powers to clamp uninsured vehicles that are parked on your own driveway – or even take them away and crush them.

This new “continuous insurance enforcement” is just another way to generate revenue from fixed fines.  According to road safety minister Mr Penning ‘uninsured drivers injure 23,000 people each year and adds £30 to every responsible motorist’s premium’ – it’s not quite clear what the government is trying to do; give ‘responsible’ motorists some sort of insurance break – doubtful.

Apparently the registered keeper of the vehicle can make an official declaration that the car is permanently off the road and is not being driven – isn’t that what the current SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) is all about?  So there’s going to be SORN and iSORN for an insurance notification – they’ve obviously got the Apple ‘i-bug’ somewhere.

This measure is to allow the police to get back to policing so they don’t have to worry about uninsured cars on the road and can concentrate on the “hardcore of offenders” (whatever they are); all offenders or just hardcore driving offenders – nothing is ever clear when this lot get a bee in their bonnet.  The AA have raised some concerns but clearly no one is listening and no one cares.

These creeping powers are getting beyond a joke and it won’t be long before something breaks.  Those familiar with Lawful Rebellion will already realise that this attempt by the DVLA to seize more power is nothing but a veiled scheme to generate more cash.

Knock knock!

Whose there?

It’s the police.

What do you want?

Is that your car outside?


Will you be driving today?


I’m issuing you with a Statutory Speeding Ticket!

A what?

It’s the new SST.

What for?

Well, your car can travel in excess of the speed limit I assume?

Yes, I suppose it can.

Then it’s likely that at some point during your next trip on the road, that you will go over the speed limit.

Not necessarily.

Ah, but you might, so I’m issuing you with the SST in case there is no one around to see you speed.

But I might never go above the designated speed limits while I’m out.

Then you will be free to appeal the ticket but you must show evidence that you did not speed while driving.

How do I do that?

That sir, is your problem.

Far fetched?  Perhaps, but with the creeping power that successive governments are granting themselves, nothing can be taken for granted.  Welcome to Fascist Britain where everyone is free … until the government decides otherwise.


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