London Taliban hate campaign

England is a hotbed of racial intolerance, with nurses being severely punished for offering prayers to sick people; workers at British Airways being penalised for wearing a crucifix; persecution of a man daring to display a palm cross on the dashboard of his van – sorry, the company van because it might be construed that the company is “Christian”.  Has Christianity become such a dirty word in Christian Britain?  Don’t worry though, PC Britain is on the case.

With these heinous acts of sedition at the hands of thugs like Mr Colin Atkinson, an ex-soldier who served in Northern Ireland and who, most importantly, does not shove his faith down the throats of other people – is it any wonder that the country is going down the toilet.  We’ve ordered horse-hair shirts for them all and booked their places in the Tower of London.

While the system is seeking to penalise these people, in east London’s Whitechapel Asian women are being threatened with death at the hands of so-called London Taliban extremists who are waging their own hate campaign against anyone who does not conform to their way of thinking.

Apparently, intimidation and threats of death are all perfectly acceptable outward signs of one’s faith and in PC Britain it seems that only Christianity is attracting the attention of those who might be offended what with “Christmas” displays becoming “Winter” displays and with the Taliban putting up posters around the east end of London proclaiming Christmas to be “evil” even the most liberal of us are left with a bitter taste in our mouths.

Christmas and Christianity is under direct attack from Mr Rumaysah who, in association with Anjem Choudary (pictured), the leader of the banned militant group Islam4UK have declared Christmas to be a lie and that it is the duty of Muslims to attack it but claiming that the attacks are primarily at the “fruits of Christmas” like alcohol abuse and promiscuity and other evils that lead to abortion, domestic violence and crime.

If the abuse suffered by women at the hands of their men is anything to go by then some of us need to practice what they preach.  Might one ask what happens to us non-Muslims in the event that Islam and sharia law is adopted for Britain as they would wish?  Would we infidels be put to the sword and disposed of as the alcohol consuming, promiscuous evil doers that we all are?

Converts such as Mr Rich Dart, a former BBC worker and who is currently unemployed but in receipt of benefits to pay for a £300,000 flat in Bow is now proclaiming that “when the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish sharia law and take the fight to the enemy” – that’s us apparently; anyone who is not Muslim or in tune with the extremist views of the Taliban.  Mr Dart is another example of rubbishing the very people who are funding his life – perhaps his conversion was simply a ploy to allow him to enjoy state benefits under a religious umbrella knowing that PC Britain would be unwilling to feel his collar.

The police pay whatever lip-service is required of them to placate the remaining Christians in this country so that there can be no direct examples of bias but we’re all very much aware that PC Britain is an ineffectual force that has already been sent scurrying for the hills.

Can we just remind ourselves who is being intolerant and who is not – we seem to have become confused on that somewhere along the line.


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