The criminal lifestyle of Baroness Warsi

Baroness Warsi, the Tory party chairman while on an official visit to Pakistan took a detour to attend a family wedding at a luxury hotel 80 miles away from her official engagements.  The 160-mile round trip required extensive security arrangements to be made although Lady Warsi apparently made no contribution to the costs of that security thereby taking advantage of her position for personal gain.

With her palatial marble mansion in Bangladesh while living in a heavily subsidised three-bedroom house in Wapping renting from Spitalfields Housing Association which itself received £37.8million in public subsidy; this house is intended for people who cannot afford to buy property in the area and questions arising from her purchase of a property in Maidstone, Kent is seems that Ms Warsi is never one to pass up an opportunity to make a bob or two.

In September 2005 she acquired a flat in Maidstone and designated it as her main home enabling her to make substantial expense claims but according to a local plumber who went into the flat, it looked uninhabited with only a mattress on the floor – not really how one expects a peer to live and the undisturbed dust on the floor suggests that she did not, in fact, live there.  This did not stop claims for about £100,000 being made by Ms Warsi including £2,000 in mileage.

The police considered investigating Baroness Warsi after complaints were made concerning her expense claims by Angus Robertson, the leader in Westminster of the Scottish National Party.  At last count she is expected to repay £125,000 but despite her obviously wealthy lifestyle, she claimed that she could not afford to do so.

Is this a clear example of a criminal lifestyle that should be investigated under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002?


3 thoughts on “The criminal lifestyle of Baroness Warsi

  1. Yes! She should be investigated, and: her performance vis-a-vis conservative party propaganda re-AV as grilled by SKY NEWs’ Adam Boulton + the christian hula balloo … What an opportunist she seems to be!

  2. All this tells us is that she’s a typical Conservative party politician. IMO, they all need investigating as they are all corrupt.

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