NHS bonus culture – the rot continues

Despite the noises of various MPs decrying the bonus culture, we find that NHS chiefs have seen an increase over the last five years despite thousands of coal-face workers being axed to save money.

Even though the NHS isn’t saying who is getting these big bonuses, clearly its chief executive, Sir David Nicholson and Clare Chapman, its director general of workforce – whatever that is, maybe it’s a posh name for Human Resources – being two of the biggest earners in the NHS will benefit from these “performance related” bonuses.

Mr Nicholson earns up to £259,000 (£100,000 more than the Prime Minister); and his package includes up to £50,000 for a rented flat in London as well as living expenses – we think it fair to assume that this is on top of his salary as there seems to be no information to the contrary.  Mrs Chapman earns a paltry £245,000 (how does she make ends meet) and her salary has increased by a fifth since she got the job in 2006.

In 2009, Mr Nicholson instructed the NHS to cut its budget by saving £20billion through efficiency and they are meeting this target by getting rid of thousands of doctors and nurses to meet the 2014 target date.

Despite the strain these cuts are having on the front line workers who no longer have the time and resources to assist elderly patients to eat their food or use the toilet, almost £1.8million in bonuses have been paid out between April and October last year and the bonuses will be even higher this year.  These payments represent a small fraction of the bonuses handed out to various quangos and local health trusts across the NHS.

At a time when the country has its’ back to the wall, the NHS is crippled by a lack of funding and the government is riddled and smeared by fraud, deception and greed; do we really have to put up with the likes of these people taking essential funds from the tax payer through bonuses which could be used to say lives – your life, your mother, your brother, your sister, your child or your baby could receive essential treatment denied to them because the money has been diverted to line the pockets of these greedy and self-serving organisations.


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