If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen

The Mail reports on our moaning minny MPs again.  Not content with the high salary for half a years work they get from the tax payer, many, like Three Jobs Bob (Neill) have additional commitments with other jobs that also pay them a salary.  They get lavish expenses on the tax payer (or have they already forgotten that fraud because we haven’t); they get second home payments with subsidised KitKat and bath plugs; they spend our money redecorating their own homes while everything their little hearts desire is handed to them on a plate.

Let’s give these MPs some important information – NO job is family friendly these days and the rest of us have to keep our heads down and work ever harder to ensure that we’re not the next one picked for redundancy, cut-backs or down-sizing.

Men and women around the country neglect their families in order to make ends meet and no one in the real-world can have their hours tailored around their home commitments.  In the real world performance matters unlike in the public sector where no amount of incompetence will see you on the dole queue; where failure is rewarded with promotion.

Perhaps those with second or third jobs should give one of those up and concentrate on the job that pays them the most one way or another.  Harriet Harperson, deputy leader of the Labour suggests that MPs should get to stay at home a day longer to spend more time with their families – so as a former EQUALITIES minister is she now advocating for a 4-day work week where everyone EQUALLY will be able to spend more time with their families?  Of course she isn’t – that is another privilege she seeks for the chosen few who consider themselves our masters.

Haven’t this bunch just got £4million more in expenses to make them more “family friendly”?  What does it take to satisfy these people?

Isn’t it true that anyone who takes on a job will understand the working conditions – the terms of their employment – and that they understand the implications of those conditions before they take the job; no one is forcing them to be MPs – in fact, we’d like to see the back of the lot of them.

We’re sorry the level of comfort and privilege you MPs enjoy at the tax payers expense is not enough to compensate you for the poor decisions you make – if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.


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