Send in the clowns … don’t bother, he’s going to the IMF (maybe)

Sometimes you can tell who is a clown, often you can’t and sometimes you’d rather not know.  Having done considerable damage to the very fabric of this country as an unelected Prime Minister all we can say is good riddance – what a shame the alternatives have not turned out any better.


Look out International Monetary Fund, ol’ Gormless is coming to a global depression near you soon.  He always said he wanted to be remembered and boy will he ever.

Hold onto your gold boys cos this bloke can’t do simple arithmetic, he doesn’t play well with others and is known to get a little bit tetchy at times.  Even with his snout in the trough for all those years, he’s come out of government without a fraction of the wealth that his mentor Tony B Liar seems to have acquired.

And there we were thinking he’d be out of work like 10 million of the rest of us.

He can change his look but he’ll never change his desire to be the founder of a new Marxist regime.


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