An ATOS disability interview gets underway

We couldn’t help but notice how similar an ATOS disability interview is to the soul sucking skills of the Dementors from the Harry Potter films.

With no humanity or social skills, or even any training, the ATOS ‘doctors’ apparently receive £1,500 for each person they remove from the DWP books.

The aggressive way in which they corner disabled people using techniques for entrapment that would have made Hitler’s Gestapo proud leaves disabled people in complete confusion and feeling suicidal.

Through the media, David Cameron announces that the benefits system is being drained of £5billion due to error and fraud.  While this is admittedly a lot of money, what is missed is that the ‘error’ mentioned by Cameron really equates to incompetence on the part of DWP staff and departmental waste – the media, in an attempt to demonise all those dependant on benefits is slow to mention the many ways in which disabled people are driven to contemplate suicide as a result of the aggressive behaviour of those carrying out assessments on behalf of the DWP.

This is a real example of power that has gone to the heads of public servants who should be treating their customers with a modicum of respect.  Of the £5billion being lost, the majority of that money is down to the DWP’s waste.

Remploy, the DWP sponsored agency that supposedly provides jobs for disabled people loses £2.2million per week yet still manages to pay it’s directors £1.5million in bonuses – a clearer example of duplicity one could not ask for.


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