Political spin is also big business

Not only are the police guilty of spending millions of tax payers pounds on spin doctors but the government also spends an exorbitant amount of money on – wait for it – political advisers.

Hang on a second, we have MPs (who are politicians) and we have the PM and the deputy PM (who are also politicians) all of whom draw a salary for being POLITICians so why on earth do we now have to pay for the likes of Andy Coulson here to act as political advisers?

Mr Coulsen draws a salary of £140,000 per year to advise David Cameron on politics.  His salary is just £2,500 less than the man he works for and more than Nick Clegg receives as Deputy PM – there’s something not quite right here.

Mr Coulsen is one of 18 advisers to Mr Cameron and there are apparently 68 advisers all of whom attract salaries in the tens of thousands; Ed Llewellyn earns £125,000; Jonny Oates is on £98,000; Gabby Bertin is on £80,000 and Richard Reeves joined Clegg’s staff on £85,000 – that’s £528,000 for just five staff at 2010 prices as reported in The Guardian.

While the rest of us are expected to tighten our belts to pay back the debt of the bankers, the government is still spending money hand over fist and expecting us to put up with this inequity.

We suppose that it’s fortunate in a way that Mr Coulson’s resignation as No 10 communications director due to his reported involvement in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal has been forced upon him.  It does beg the question as to how hard-nosed ambition has turned to bullying and in his taking ultimate responsibility for the phone-hacking.  Having left behind an £800,000 award to Matt Driscoll brought against him for bullying leading to unfair dismissal and disability discrimination, it seems he was now perfectly prepared for the corrupt world of politics and became the Conservative party director of communications at a heady salary of £475,000.

Andy Coulson’s exit and some secret tapes presents a riddle that, according to The Guardian just won’t go away.  Oh well, never one to be deterred it seems, Mr Coulson has started his own PR consultancy firm – he’s called it Elbrus Consulting which is the name of the tallest mountain in Europe – possibly as a tribute to the almost insurmountable odds of getting clients after stalking in the shadows of politics and corruption.


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