Police waste spins out of control

Not content with spending tens of thousands of pounds of public money to track down desperadoes who recycled waste from a council dump and ran off with 47pence worth of booty; it now seems that the police are spending £100,000 a day to convince the public that they are good value for money through payments to press officers and spin doctors.

The full report in the Telegraph shows that FOI (Freedom of Information) requests revealed that 40 of the 43 forces in England and Wales have spent £37.2million between them on media teams in 2010, employing around 584 staff to spin out the propaganda that no doubt passes for community communications.

They spent £33million in 2008/09 and £34.1million in 2009/10 so the expenditure of £37.2million in what can only mean the first two quarters of 2010/11 means there has been a substantial increase in spin which has no doubt been deemed necessary due to the murder of citizens by police and the corruption that permeates at every level of the police force.

As the reports of corruption and wrong-doing grows, so does the need to spin a yarn to cover up that corruption – obviously, the cost of cover-ups is rising so we can expect even more to be spent in the coming months as even more instances of corruption and inappropriate action come to light.  It does come to something however then the police have to sack staff in order to meet the expenditure of spin doctors and publicists.


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