Rubberstamp UK justice system

When the courts work hand-in-hand with councils to extract as much money as possible from the pockets of tax payers, rate payers and the community at large, it will inevitably lead to injustice.

When it comes to council tax, we have councils setting up their own ‘courts’ in hired rooms with teams of people rubber stamping summons’ that are sent out on a conveyor belt.  People with all receipts for payments of their bills carefully compiled and stapled together, copied to the council are still finding themselves in court over non payment.

When Stephen Wandless was jailed for 90 days for non-payment of council tax, Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire claimed he had deliberately refused to pay.  The magistrate who sentenced Mr Wandless was not mindful of their duties because they simply go with the flow – the councils wield the power, the judge is part of the same system so the poor community at large are obviously evil wrong-doers who deserve everything they get.

Because there is no comeback for the magistrate acting “in the course of his duty” there is no fear of retribution when they get it wrong.  When magistrates act in the course of their duty, who is this duty to?  It certainly isn’t to the citizen so it must be to the state and councils are part of that state so any collusion between them can be swept under the carpet.

Despite Mr Wandless having no access to legal representation (due to such access being denied to anyone without money) then of course he is at an immediate disadvantage which led to his being incarcerated unnecessarily and unlawfully.

Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayer’ Alliance suggests that it would be “extremely disappointing” if such unlawful behaviour led to the taxpayer picking up a hefty bill but the £50thousand compensation for this inhuman behaviour on the part of the council and the court is a small price to pay and is actually less than the £60thousand spent by Andrea Hill’s Suffolk council on their tea and coffee – let’s keep things in perspective.

When Stephen Wandless became depressed and had to give up work due to an industrial injury, he turned to the state for help and support and all that he found there was a face-less bunch of jobs-worths who have no interest in the person but care only for the revenue he can generate for them.

Nigel Ferage, leader of the UK Independence Party, is apparently angered by having the European courts where “ranks of foreign judges” make decisions that should be dealt with by Westminster.  This may be true Mr Ferage, but the people of this country (whether we agree with the EU or not – and we generally do not) should be pleased that there is an external and independent microscope under which UK legislation can be placed to route out travesties such as this.

Mr Sinclair and Mr Ferage may stand by the principles of their particular organisations but in reality the people of this country are under siege so perhaps these people should join forces to change the system so that people are not unlawfully sanctioned, penalised or imprisoned.

Councils have forgotten who they are here to serve because Parliament have forgotten who they serve and while they are allowed to get away with it, nothing will ever change – perhaps it’s time for change and perhaps that change is Lawful Rebellion.


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