Police murder – Ian Tomlinson

The Guardian is reporting on the inquest of Ian Tomlinson, the man murdered by police at the G20 summit.

Despite Dr Freddy Patel’s controvertial findings that Mr Tomlinson died of a spontaneous condition, he is still being allowed to give evidence and carry out post-mortems even though he had twice been suspended by the General Medical Council due to his botched work.  Fortunately Dr Nat Cary (along with two other forensic pathologists) has shown how flawed Dr Patel’s testimony is.

It is clear to anyone with eyes that PC Simon Harwood did deliberately, viciously and unnecessarily attack Ian Tomlinson without any provocation or cause and that the attack was responsible for the death of Mr Tomlinson.  The inquest may wish to decide how Ian Tomlinson died, but it will not answer the question of “why” he died.

Why was it necessary for him to be attacked in this way?  Why isn’t PC Simon Harwood being convicted of murder?  Why has this country become a police state where an innocent man can be attacked by the police and there not be any price to pay?


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