What happens when police-men turn into policy-men

It seems that civil servants and public sector workers consider themselves immune from prosecution when they are negligent in carrying out their duties.  With no penalties for getting it wrong, where is the incentive for getting it right?

While the rest of society are being legislated to death, the government is busy making sure it and its supporting organisations, agencies and bodies are made exempt from performing effectively, efficiently or even lawfully.

Beverley Bennett is the latest victim of the creeping institutional stupidity that is making crime fighting a matter of policy rather than responsibility.  While real criminals are ignored, law abiding citizens are targeted because they are easier targets used to bump up the statistics – the trust we once had in our police force has all but disappeared.

Because incompetent staff gave the wrong information to incompetent policy-men who didn’t check their facts, this lady was locked up for six hours on suspicion of “stealing petrol” and while they had her locked up unlawfully, her car was stolen because no care was taken to ensure that it was locked and secure.

Police say Beverley cannot take action against them because they are immune from prosecution in negligence cases – this translates to: we can be as incompetent as we like and there is not a damned thing you can do about it.

This is nothing short of perverse justice and we’re certain that Ms Bennett, after losing her mother due to additional ill-health brought on by the strain of the situation will not be at all comforted by the £2,000 out of court settlement she received.  This will not return to her the extra time she lost with her mother and which she might have had if the situation had not arisen in the first place.

Apparently those responsible for pinching the £20.70 worth of petrol have not been caught so clearly the CCTV culture that prevails in Britain is of no use at all.  Presumably the policy-men have seen the correct footage and are still unable to catch these desperadoes;  Beverley has lost her mother, perhaps prematurely and it’s all down to “human error” – perhaps if HUMANITY was brought back into our society we could avoid this sort of situation happening in the first place.


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