They just don’t get it do they!

Controversial Suffolk Council headed by the now infamous Andrea Hill have spent almost £60,000 of tax payers money on refreshments for in-house staff having sacked all 72 lollipop women and men and closed waste recycling centres in order to save £230,000.

Apparently, the money is said to have come from staff parking charges but we all know that this is probably hogwash.  The car park where these charges are made is said to be run for Suffolk County Council on behalf of the taxpayer – quite what this means is not clear.

According to Ms Hill, we’re all jealous for sniping at her – claims she makes in a newsletter sent to 10,000 staff around the council – one wonder’s who paid for the production and printing of that little gem.  She asks if it OK for her children to be bullied – no; for her friends to be pestered – no; and for her PA to be shouted at over the phone – who cares?  What she should be asking is whether it is OK for her to be spending other people’s money so lavishly.

She says that she is a role model for young people and her success should inspire young people in Suffolk; one question Ms Hill, who measures that success?  Self praise is no recommendation and if the tax payer feels cheated then clearly you are not successful.


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