Suffolk council’s thickening plot

David White, the right-hand man of Andrea Hill, the controversial leader of Suffolk County Council was found hanged in woodlands near Woodbridge on Monday evening.  Our condolences to his family.

Although tribute is being paid to Mr White as interim head of legal services it is perhaps his role as Deputy Monitoring Officer for the council that should raise some eyebrows.  With responsibility for ensuring the lawfulness and fairness of council decision making, Mr White would have had to work closely with any standards committee to assist in its role of promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct and probity within the council.  Certainly the council and its leader have come under close scrutiny of late and thousands of pounds of tax payers money has been used to enforce gagging orders.

Perhaps this is yet another unaccountable example of a non-suspicious death under non-suspicious circumstances like Dr David Kelly.  Mind you, police were contacted at 6pm following a report from a woman about the “welfare of a man from the Ipswich area”.  Normally an adult has to be missing at least 24 hours but more likely around three days before the police act upon such things but poor Mr White’s body was found at 7.30pm that same evening.

Perhaps Mr White was more genuine, pleasant and amiable than was good for him; perhaps he knew things that he shouldn’t?  Some people simply won’t be bought off or kept quiet.  We can only hope that whatever drove this obviously honourable man to such an act will be revealed in the fullness of time and that if anyone had a hand in his unhappy ending that they will be brought to justice as a result.


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