Government Procurement Card – that’ll do nicely: £1bn credit card bill run up by civil servants

For the second year in a row, civil servants have spent almost £1billion (£987million in 2010) on “Government Procurement Cards” or credit cards to you and me and who pays this bill?  Yes, the frugal and ever so austere British tax payer.

While the government is criminalising the elderly, disabled people and families on welfare for being such a drain on the state and local councils are doing their best to level ever increasing amounts of council tax for ever decreasing services and while councillors, MPs and EMPs suck the very blood from our veins we now have another lot with their nose in the trough.

Apparently even the BBC have access to the 146,935 GPC cards issues although the report in the Express doesn’t give an analysis of the 6,606,165 transactions made against these cards although the BBC are one of the three top spenders – now we know where the licence fee is going.

Although the Prime Minister was “outraged” in April 2010 when it emerged that public sector bosses and quango chiefs spent a record £1billion on the credit cards on fine dining and ‘posh’ wines, the number of cardholders has increased by 3.5% during Mr Cameron’s leadership and since the scheme was introduced in 2002, spending has soared by 1,000 per cent – no surprise there really.

Does this mean that since the elections in May 2010 and despite the cut in services, loss of jobs, the fraud around MPs expenses, the discovery that Euro MPs receive health spa treatments and much more, that they have still managed to rack up another billion at the tax payers expense.


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