Human rights, anti-obesity surgery and the NHS purse

The Human Rights blog operated by 1COR raises the issue of human rights and the NHS purse and highlights cases which have failed in the courts.

For years, the government have enjoyed the revenue generated from the tobacco industry; it seems that every town centre has the benefit of one of the many fast food chains.  In fact, new developments, shopping centres and the like depend on these chains as anchors to ensure the success of the venture.

Croydon University Hospital (Mayday) has a Burger King in the reception area of the hospital so obviously there is some sanctioning of such foods which are recognised as contributing to obesity.

Now the NHS is moaning about the lack of funds with which it has to deal and it’s all down to the terrible public who have no self control and are eating themselves to death.

No matter that the overheads of the NHS are recognised as being completely unacceptable with more administrators per capita than doctors or nurses – there are more people wielding pens and pushing papers than there are surgeons wielding knives and nurses pushing beds.

The high cost of the NHS is due entirely to these administrators who follow the government model of having more civil servants than they really need.

No one stops to ask why people indulge so heavily in all the things they know to be bad for them whether it’s eating too much, binge drinking or, in fact, smoking.

People live their lives under such intense pressure, from buying and holding onto their homes, getting a good school for their children, working harder to hold onto their jobs to pay for the house and feed their children and to pay for all the things that consumerism has convinced them that they need in order to survive.

We watch as our government skims the cream from society and run up extraordinary debts that we have to shoulder and pass on to our children; our elderly are dying due to lack of care, compassion or humanity and disabled people are driven to suicide by legislation designed to reduced government spending for those who need it while the banking industry pass off their sub-prime debts to society while they continue to live a champagne lifestyle with eight and ten figure bonuses being the norm.

Who can honestly say that they are happy?  Is it any wonder that more and more people are turning inwards to escape from the realities of a world gone completely insane.  Comfort eating, binge drinking and a complete disregard for the implications of smoking are inevitable results of our modern life.

Money for medical treatment may be running low so those who could benefit from such treatments are being refused but with MPs, Euro MPs and bankers living a life of luxury at the expense of the rest of society who can wonder when someone needing treatment feels that their human rights are being abused when such treatment is denied to them.


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