We’re humans – not punchbags either Mr Clegg

Oh dear, we have yet another precious and fragile politicial who can’t stand the heat in the kitchen.

Perhaps Mr Clegg would like to speak to the rest of his cohorts and especially Iain Duncan Smith – the
head of the Gestapo known as the DWP who are treating all of their “customers” like inhuman punch bags with no feelings by encouraging attacks against disabled people and families in need.

Mr Clegg needs to keep worrying about what people think of him; his consistent failures to deliver on his promises will make people angry. He may cry regularly to music when he feels low but unless he is suffering the constant threat of homelessness or is so concerned about losing the pittance upon which he survives and is contemplating suicide to relieve the utter despair he is feeling then he can expect no sympathy from us.

We’re human beings and not punch bags Mr Clegg – you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and take notice of those who have looked to you for support. Remember your pledge to repeal unfair laws under your “Your Freedoms” banner?  Remember your utter failure to look into anything controversial or meaningful?

Take comfort in your £4.5million off-shore which due to recent changes approved by you and your thieving colleagues is protected and safe from the taxman.

Mr Clegg, thousands of people are being treated much worse than you are and don’t have the resources behind them to deal with the dismay they feel at the abuse, which leaves its mark; they don’t have a comfortable fireplace in front of which to sit surrounded by shelves full of comforting books nor do they have emotive music to ease the burden on their soul – perhaps she has Spina Bifida and has fallen from her wheelchair; it is late at night and pouring with rain and even though she manages to call an ambulance she lays in the road in a careless society where no one will come to her aid – two weeks later her life will end because of the trauma and the pneumonia which fills her lungs with fluid and she doesn’t have the strength to fight any more, so she lets go.

(If it sounds like it’s personal Mr Clegg, it’s because we knew the young lady in question).

Can’t stand the heat?  Get out of the kitchen!


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