Lazy, crazy, greedy bunch of hypocritical thieves

Good grief – when will this inequity end?

MPs pay back £1.5million in fraudulent expense claims and get refunds and waivers of £47,000, no doubt to ease the strain on their poor pockets even though they are claiming thousands of pounds from the taxpayer for crisps and sandwiches for volunteer interns who get £5 a day in pocket money for lunch and fares.

Amongst the refunds were £976.85 and £976.86 for Labour MP Alan Keen and his wife Ann who claimed nearly £40,000 a year for a flat in central London when their main home was less than ten miles away.  Cheryl Gillan, the Welsh secretary was refunded £4.47 for dog food she says she did not claim – unbelievably she took it.

The Transport Minister hypocrite Norman Baker claimed £1.80 from the taxpayer for the tube fare for an intern running an errand only 10 minutes away when only last week he said that commuters were “crazy” for taking the tube or trains at peak times and suggested more work from home to ease congestion.

Former PM Blair has returned only £388 in unspecified second-home expenses in March 2010 according to the Express online.

Mr Blair, despite his supposed pittance of a salary has managed to acquire an impressive £7million in properties which includes a £3.5million home in Primrose Hill.

Let’s not forget the fraudulent flats in Bristol when his children went to university;

It’s probably appropriate to mention here that in his years as PM, not only did he cancel the Queen’s purple flight but he and the Dark Lord Mandelson then exceeded any of the flights taken by the Royal family by a factor of ten.

The Blair family are living a very luxurious lifestyle off the backs of the tax-payer and the former PM is, we’re sure, not experiencing any discomfort or inconvenience as a result of the austerity measures being applied to the rest of us poor schmucks due to the gross overspending and complete and utter negligence in the execution of his duties as head of this country.

We checked in the mirror this morning and can’t see the word “idiot” branded across the forehead – but it must be there somewhere!


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