Charly – what do your eyes see in this world?

Sometimes a vision of the future is revealed through film; we see what might happen if eyes are opened and questions are asked – sometimes, we don’t like what we see and we don’t like the answers we get but we know that if we don’t ask the questions, things will never change, never get better.

Based on the book Flowers for Algernon, written by Daniel Keyes, the 1968 film Charly Gordon, portrays a ‘mentally challenged’ man who is given a newly developed treatment that causes his intellect and intelligence to grow to genius level.  Charly is on stage to speak to scientists who want to know how the treatment as changed his view on the world.  The following is from that scene in the film and contains significant insight

Now that you can see, what do you see in that world?

My eyes are new.

And what do they see Mr Gordon?

Things … as they are.  And what they are becoming.

Can you give me an example Mr Gordon?

No sir, you give me one.

Modern Science – Rampant technology, conscience by computer.

Modern Art – Dispassionate draftsmen.

Foreign Policy – Brave new weapons.

Today’s youth – Joyless, guideless.

Today’s religion – Preachment by popularity polls.

Standard of living – A television in every room.

Education – A television in every room.

The worlds future – Brave new hates, brave new bombs, brave new wars.

The coming generation – Test tube conception, laboratory birth, TV education, brave new dreams, brave new hates, brave new wars, a beautifully purposeless process of society suicide.

This is what happens when you become a Freeman – your eyes are opened and can never see things in the same way again – it’s both a curse and a blessing.


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