Fraud investigators barred from MEPs’ offices

At a time when the government is putting £millions of public money into the demonization of disabled people and those dependant on benefits through allegations of fraud, we have a situation where anti-fraud investigators are being prevented from searching the offices of MEPs.

The full report in the online version of the Financial Times, dated 23 March 2011 states how MEPs were the subject of a sting set up by The Sunday Times newspaper but that investigators were refused access to the offices of the MEPs concerned.

Apparently there is a clash between two principles of law: the freedom of the police to investigate serious charges, versus the freedom of parliament to do its work unimpeded.

This raises the questions as to why there is not similar protection for the people to enjoy freedom from oppression; why there are laws in place which remove the right to a fair trial; why there is legislation in place to deny access to justice and why these laws stamp all over the Magna Carta.

Why are there so many parliamentary privileges when it is already well known that parliament is full of corruption, greed and fraud.

The plot thickens as apparently the EU parliament and the fraud agency OLAF have agreed to “bury the hatchet”.  Oh good, we think, the investigation into fraud progresses as it would do in the common domain, right?  Wrong – the investigators are still being preventing from access the alleged fraudsters offices even though OLAF officials claim that they are focused on completing their investigation ‘as quickly as possible’.

Despite OLAF comments in the report published on M&C News, it is clear that these two government agencies have agreed to carry out an “administrative” rather than a “criminal” investigation – I wonder if our disabled and chronically sick people will have this option when the DWP facists are knocking on their door – fat chance.

This is a clear example of protectionism and collusion and you can guarantee that real justice will never be achieved in this case and we’re left wondering how much OLAF costs the community to run and what exactly is their point if they can be prevented from carrying out their job?


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