Pyramid of power – how we live today

We just came across this brilliant illustration,  we hope that the author has no objection to us reproducing it here as we take no credit for this illustration what so ever but feel that it sums up the way we’re all living in our Big Society.

It really speaks for itself so we won’t gab on unnecessarily.

We draw your attention to the people sitting on their sofa, placated by the media and the constant deluge of programs designed to stop them thinking about the realities that surround them – who can blame them for wanting a few minutes peace and quiet from the ugliness of real life?

We’ve asked for permission to use the picture here, so if it’s subsequently denied, this picture may disappear… so be warned.


One thought on “Pyramid of power – how we live today

  1. Actually, my only issue is that I did not create that image, merely came across it one day. Unfortunately, I have not been able to discover WHO exactly created the image, but if anyone ever comes across the creator I’d love to know.

    All I request is that you strike my name from the credit! Thanks.

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