Keeping your mind free from media influence

The good fellows over at The People’s United Community have produced this interesting poster which suggests that our friends the BBC are, in some way, responsible for brain-washing the population.

You know what, they’re probably right.

It is noticable that during Labour’s reign of terror, the BBC were quick to marginalise any input of the Conservatives and since they won the election, it is the Labour mob that are being marginalised.

There can be only one reason for this trend and that is simply because the BBC is the mouthpiece of the government – colour or politics are not the issue but perhaps the protection of the license fee itself is?

People have always understood that newspapers have a particular slant on the news – they are either left or right on an issue and you know where you stand with them.

The BBC however is a different kettle of fish – a surprising number of people believe that televised news can be taken at face value but this is far from the truth.  Even the Murdoch empire and Sky are more interested in the profits on their bottom line than in providing real news.  Has anyone noticed how “reports” are now “stories”; that investigative journalism is in decline and that programs are either soaps, reality shows or Panorama type exposés.

Programs either serve to keep you compliant or try to feed you ‘facts’ that are poorly researched and loaded in favour of government propaganda and spin.  People are not dumb but are being prevented from thinking – in feeding us news stories rather than seriously researched and factual reports, the news has become a joke.

Do continue watching the news if that is your wish but in future view it with your eyes open and ask yourself some questions around what you have just been told – it very often makes no sense and is contradictory leading to confusion.

Ask yourself if you feel informed about a particular issue or whether what you know it slanted in one particular direction or another – has the report been balanced.

Compare how much time is spend reporting celebrity stories against time spent on more serious issues.

Above all – question everything, become informed and think for yourself.


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