Helen Ghosh – another fruit-loop in the government salad

Dame Helen has proven herself to be yet another arm of the government that is completely out of touch with reality.  She feels that a £10,000 hand-out, sorry, non-consolidated pay, for doing the job you are paid for is perfectly acceptable.

Herself earning £180,000 a year, that’s a take-home of around £9,750 a month so a £10,000 bonus is just a month’s bank deposit so understandably for the likes of these Mandarins, this is not exactly big bucks so at least she is accurate in that respect.

Although the country is seeing all manner of services cut, home repossessions are at an all-time high due to unemployment; disabled people are contemplating suicide due to the impact cuts to their support are having on their lives, we have the likes of this silly woman justifying bonus payments from the very source of funds that is being raked back from the taxpayer through these cuts.

No bonus payments should be paid to any senior civil servant or any government official until the nation’s debt created by the government and these civil servants in their ivory towers is paid and they can prove to the people that they have earned their bonuses.

The excuse that “good people” will find new jobs and that the bonus culture fostered by the bankers is somehow justified is lunacy – if any of these people had done their jobs properly, the country wouldn’t be in this mess.

For this life-long civil servant who has no experience of the real world to justify her comments because of some comparison with the private sector is yet another slap in the face of the people of this country who are fighting for survival, many at subsistence levels, while more is taken from their pockets or the bailiffs are knocking down their door; councils are looking to criminalise us at every turn by giving penalties for bins, parking and soon for breathing the very air no doubt.

Non-consolidated pay – give us break; it’s an additional sum of money paid to someone to do the job they are already earning many thousands of pounds to carry out.  The job being advertised as head of the UK Border Agency at £170,000 per year which will attract a bonus of £17,500 in 2011/12 will, no doubt go to yet another fruit-loop already in the civil service and this salary is paid despite the UK Border Agency being one of the main under achievers if illegal immigration figures are to be believed.

So anyone who is affected by the changes in tax that will leave you £600 worse off, don’t despair, you’re not really worse off at all it’s just a dis-consolidated non-payment.


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