Ejacation … edgukashun … edgeyoukation

Not only are call centres being moved abroad leading to further job losses in the UK, now the education budget has been moved abroad as well.

When the Times Education Supplement reported on the axing of £500million from the education maintenance allowance (EMA) to our 16-19 year olds, who would have thought that the money was placed in reserve to pay for the educational needs of other countries?

Apparently in the October 2010 report, the government promised that the saving will be enough to fund full participation by under-19’s by the year 2015; having now committed to giving £650million to Pakistan for schools projects – one wonders if this is not the same money being used other than originally intended.

Don’t get us wrong, education in any country is a worthy cause but Pakistan is now a nuclear power and have been reported as spending up to $25billion (around £15.4billion at today’s exchange rates) on the development of nuclear weapons how can David Cameron think that it is right or proper to be spending £650million of tax payers money taken from the British education system to pay for the Pakistani education system when the Pakistani government divert their own resources to the development of nuclear weapons and to a space program?

Or are we just paying for his foobar when he infuriated Pakistan by suggesting that the country was soft on terrorism – that’s an expensive mistake to make Mr Cameron and at a time when we’re all being taxed to death to pay for surgery to extract your foot from your mouth.  Why aren’t you paying for your mistakes with your job like any or us mere mortals would do?

Is it any wonder the people of this country are up in arms and feeling thoroughly fed-up with the duplicity, falsehoods and complete stupidity of our so called leaders?

The Daily Mail puts this money into some perspective, showing how £650million could be used to benefit our own uneducation system:

  • 60 years of free schools meals for every primary and secondary pupil in England
  • 21 new state-of-the-art academy schools
  • 250,000 new teacher first year salaries
  • 24,074 full university student fees at the rate of £27,000 for 3 years
  • 30 grammer schools could be completely rebuilt
  • 4,333 under privileged students could be sent to Eton College for full secondary education

These figures put this expenditure into perspective.


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