Anti-cuts march swells to 400,000

Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

London saw the largest protest march since the Iraq war as workers and public demonstrate against government spending cuts – don’t you just admire the minds that come up with things like “Bad Man and Robbing”.

Author: Guardian staff and agencies
Date: 26 March 2011

The centre of London was brought to a stand-still by a march organised by the Trades Union Congress when more than 400,000 human beings with a common ideal gathered together to voice their protest.  Comprising teachers, nurses, widwives, NHS and other public sector workers standing shoulder to shoulder with students, pensioners and direct action supporters bussed in from all parts of the country in protest at the governments “brutal” spending cuts.

This is a great example of people power and the fine art of Lawful Rebellion; resistance is growing to the machinations of the government and people are getting fed up with the inequity of a system that takes from the poorest in order to support a corrupt system.


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